All About You - Rebuilding a Relationship with Yourself

taught by April Carchietta
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April Carchietta
April Carchietta
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April is a Personal Development Coach and the founder of Authentic Life, LLC. She is a certified Strategic Interventionist, trained Financial Coach and skilled Workshop Designer and Facilitator. She helps growth-minded, life-long learners identify opportunities for reaching their highest potential. She works with clients to create fail-proof strategies using her own unique system. She strives to empower others to live a fulfilling, authentic life both personally and professionally.

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We need to recognize our own self-worth in order to become more confident and fulfilled. This course will provide tools and techniques to quiet your inner critic, treat yourself with patience and kindness, and love who you are, flaws and all.

Course Contents

17 Videos
1 Survey
9 Texts
14 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Module Three - Day Three - Forgiveness